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November 26, 2008


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Hi Ian,
why do you still need the geometra?
Isn't the architect enough?
We only used the geometra once to check 'weak' points.
Interesting post again. We think about the same issues!!


Suzie, we don't have an architect, just the geometra, who came highly recommended, and has not disappointed so far.


Ciao Jonty,
I can understand why you'd stay with a geometra who knows what he/she is doing and with whom you have a good working relationship. But an architect will have ideas and communicate them better so that the geometra can just get on with it. Its probably why he didn't suggest the floating floor solution earlier. Which, to be honest, is something that an architect with the training/engineering background would be able to accomplish much quicker and with less complication.
As I work with so many English and American owners i have a list of horror stories the like of which would have you running for the UK as fast as your pasta fuelled legs could carry you.

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