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January 27, 2009


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Ciao Caro,

I agree with you:

1) natural looks better then shiny. But I am not an expert. If you wax them once, I think, it goes inside and protects the natural stone. Then it is okay for ever (unless really dirty and spots).
When you have seen my posts about our slate (in Germany) you see that I know a bit. We will have the slate waxed (after a bit of cleaning) as we did 5 years ago with other slate floors. And they are not shiny! - But if your Alberto says it is okay and you can save that much money, go for it. If you find out, it is better to wax the stones, you can still do it later (BTW 24 Euro per m2 seems a lot!, if it is only waxing and not precleaning it should be less, no? But I don't know the prices, as we have it inlcuded into the pirce of the tiles per m2)

2) we bought a big big American style fridge in China and shipped it to Italy. Only later I realized, that it might be too big. AND: It is not about holiday or main residence. It is about: are you going to cook a lot at home? Do you need to buy vegetable for days ahead or are you going to buy them fresh on a daily base? Are you going to freeze meet or fish or ice cream? Are you goind to invite many people often ? OR are you going to eat in restaurants more often? - After having answered all these questions, I realized that the fridge we bought is probably too big.
When you are away, it will be switched off, so it is not important: holiday or main residence.

Good luck. Don't break your head about this.
And regards to Mrs J's!

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